IronMQ v3 On Premise - System Requirements

IronMQ uses modern hardware & software technologies to achieve exponential performance gains over older alternatives. This page details the minimum system requirements that your cloud will need to ensure that IronMQ runs efficiently.

Software requirements

We distribute IronMQ in Docker containers, so your operating system must have Docker 1.5.0 installed and running. We recommend that you run CoreOS because it has already has Docker as well as additional software that will make High Availability cluster installation and management significantly easier.

Hardware requirements

IronMQ can run on virtual machines or ‘bare metal’ hardware with at least the following:

  • RAM: 8GB+
  • CPU: 2+ CPU (on VMs, IronMQ needs 4 VCPUs)
  • Storage: 64GB SSD Drive. IronMQ persists messages that flow through the system. Spinning disk drives will significantly slow the system. As your enqueue and dequeue rates change, storage requirements may change.
  • Nodes: Minimum 3 nodes for high availability and redundancy. These nodes may be virtual machines (VMs) or “bare metal” hardware. IronMQ can also run on a single node for testing purposes.

Reference configuration

We run one of our hosted multi-tenant environments in Amazon’s EC2. We use three c3.2xlarge instances. Those nodes each 2 80GB SSDs, 15 GB RAM and 8 VCPUs. This setup serves many high throughput queues.

Please contact us if you have specific questions or want help estimating your system requirements.

Installation and management

If you meet the above prerequisites, please read our installation guide to get started running IronMQ on your infrastructure.

(If you’ve already installed IronMQ, please read our management guide to administer your running IronMQ.)