IronWorker Getting Started on Azure is pleased to announce it is offering its IronWorker platform as an Application Service within the Azure Marketplace, providing a key infrastructure component that gives developers immediate access to highly scalable event-driven computing services.

Every application in the cloud needs to process workloads on a continuous basis, at scale, on a schedule, or in the background. IronWorker is a modern application development platform for processing at a task level by isolating code packages and dependencies in a containerized compute environment managed by

Table of Contents

Getting Started

If you havent already sign up for a Microsoft Azure Account link
for a limited time you’ll receive a $200 credit with Azure

Azure Marketplace

Once you’ve signed in and have access to the Azure Dashboard you can add a new App Service from the Marketplace

  1. click on the 'New' button

  2. select Marketplace

  3. select IronWorker from the list

  4. choose a plan and select settings
  5. wait for IronWorker to install

    if the status doesn't change after a minute, refresh your browser.

  6. Getting Iron credentials
    on Azure's Dashboard click on the connection info button

    on's Dashboard click on the key button to access your credentials

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    Upload your first IronWorker

    configure your client via our client wrappers[](link) * Ruby IronWorker Upload Guide [](link) * Node.js IronWorker Upload Guide [](link) * Python IronWorker Upload Guide [](link) * PHP IronWorker Upload Guide [](link) * Go IronWorker Upload Guide [](link) * Java IronWorker Upload Guide [](link) * .NET IronWorker Upload Guide [](link)

    Start Queueing Tasks on Azure

    When queueing a task add the cluster param along with your POST request to create a task. [](link) ```js { "tasks": [ { "code_name": "MyWorker", "payload": "{\"x\": \"abc\", \"y\": \"def\"}", "cluster": "azure" } ] } ```

    Additional Reference/Notes

    Resource Limitations

    Azure Workers follow all our resource guidelines for standard workers environments docs [](link)

    Custom Resource Configuration

    If your worker needs custom requirements such as ram, static IPs, and CPU resources please please email us with details of your specific needs. Email


    IronWorker on Azure is currently only available to the "West US California" Region We are open to bringing IronWorker to any region Azure is available in link for more information please email us with the name of your region and more details of your request. Email - IronWorker Client Libraries [](link) - API Reference [](link)