IronMQ v3 On Premise

IronMQ is a full featured high-performance messaging solution. Previously, we offered IronMQ in two hosting configurations (multi-tenant or dedicated). Our new on-premise product is the first to allow you to run our software in your own dedicated cloud.


IronMQ On Premise features a new, robust distributed database to power queues and queue metadata. This new foundation ensures that the product will run as well on your infrastructure as it does on ours.

  • High performance - we run the same software in our hosted environments supporting many queues at high throughputs
  • High availability - we host this software in multiple clouds and have remained available through outages
  • Scalable - IronMQ scales horizontally, and every node is homogeneous. Simply add more nodes to the system to scale up the number of queues.
  • Redundant - message data and queue metadata are replicated to multiple nodes, and the database can do snapshot backups..
  • Simple to configure - our installation takes a few minutes, and we also offer a quick setup process using Terraform.

Getting Started

We provide IronMQ on premise in Docker containers. This means that almost any cloud (or even bare metal server) that runs Docker can run IronMQ.

Please read our system requirements to ensure that IronMQ will run efficiently on your infrastructure.

Once you’re done, you’re ready to install IronMQ On Premise

(If you’ve already installed IronMQ On Premise, please see our management guide)